Margarita Levieva

Margarita Recommends the William Esper Studio

Margarita LevievaLevieva ‘highly recommends’ NYC’s William Esper Studio.
“It’s a two-year program. It’s just such well-rounded training. I did clown work and movement work and speech, voice, and all that stuff…. I feel like that early training, some of the things that were developed during that time were so instrumental and helpful, and I miss them…. Honestly, I’m always involved in some sort of class or workshop. I now train with Larry Moss, and I do a lot of his workshops.”

Studying Meisner taught her how to listen.
“[With] Meisner, we did a lot of repetition work, which gets you really in the moment and present with your partner, but also just develops such attuned…Read More…