William Esper Studio is proud to maintain an international Visa Program, through which students from outside the US can receive M-1 Visa status to enroll in the full-time Two Year conservatory program.

International students must follow the regular interview process in person at the Studio, on the phone, or via skype before the visa process can begin.

The William Esper Studio is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students who obtain M-1 class visas.

The Esper Studio issues I-20s in order for applicants to obtain M-1 visas at the American Consulate in their home countries.

After their interview, international student applicants must submit:

  1. A completed Esper Studio Visa Application Form
  2. Esper Studio SEVIS Administration Fee of 300 USD.
  3. Proof of anticipated source of income (a bank statement or letter from a parent, guardian, or sponsor confirming financial support sufficient to enable the applicant to remain in the United States during the term of study). Please note that international students may not work while living in the United States.
  4. Deposit payment for the first year of study at the Esper Studio (See pricing on Two-year program page) 
  5. Photocopy of applicant’s passport

Once these documents and payments are received, the Esper Studio will issue the student’s I-20 and formal acceptance letter into the Professional Actor Training Program.

The Esper Studio issues I-20s for no longer than one year at a time.

When an international student is invited into the second year of training at the Esper Studio, the student may either:

  1. Return to his/her home country over the summer and obtain a new M-1 visa
  2. Apply for an Extension on the initial M-1 visa issued for the first year (this usually requires the student to remain in the USA over the summer vacation.)