We are pleased to announce the creation of ESPER NEXT, a new program at the William Esper Studio specifically designed to meet the needs of our active alumni community.

ESPER NEXT is a series of classes, workshops, and guest speakers/teachers in which our alumni may continue to hone their craft and develop skills for the rapidly changing professional world. This program is only open to all who have completed the Two-Year Professional Actor Training Program at the William Esper Studio.

Scene Study Classes are also being offered as part of our ESPER NEXT program!  

Please continue to check this page for current ESPER NEXT offerings.

Upcoming classes/workshops include:

  • Trey Lawson – (Guest Teacher)
  • Erica Palgon – (Guest Teacher)  

Previous classes and workshops:

  • Mask Workshop with Akil Davis
  • Scene Study with Suzanne Esper
  • Audition Gym with Deb Jackel
  • Scene Study with David Newer
  • Monologue with David Newer
  • Scene Study with Barbara Marchant 
  • Practicing the Process with Bruce McCarty
  • Self-Tape with David and Linda Laundra
  • Kate Geller – (Guest Teacher)
  • Alaine Alldaffer – (Guest Teacher)
  • Marci Phillips – (Guest Teacher)
  • Adrienne Stern – (Guest Teacher)Robert Z. Grant Improv For Actors
  • Maria Hubbard – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Rebecca Gushin – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Sig De Miguel – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Erica Palgon – (Guest Teacher)
  • Rachel Goldman (Guest Teacher)
  • Allison Kirschner – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Harley Kaplan – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Christina Wright – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Ally Beans – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Lauren Port – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Blaine Johnston – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Trey Lawson – (Guest Teacher)
  • Lina Todd – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Ellen Parks – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Lisa Donadio – (Guest Teacher) 
  • Susanne Scheel – (Guest Teacher)