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Explanation of Absence
As stated in the “Studio Policies,” no student may have more than two (2) unexcused absences in either of the two 16-week periods that make up our school year.  This applies to all classes.  All absences are considered “unexcused” until an “Explanation of Absence” form is filled out and submitted as a hard copy to William Esper for review. The only reasons for which an absence will be excused are: paid professional acting work, serious illness, or personal emergency.
Explanation of Absence Form

Student IDs

If you would like a student ID, please bring in a standard passport portrait to the office and write your full name, acting teacher and year (1st or 2nd) on the back. IDs will be available on the 1st of each month. If your photo is not submitted by the 1st, you will have to wait until the following month.

 Supplemental Classes

Supplemental classes are ongoing and ever-changing at the studio.  If you are a current student or alumnus and are interested in supplemental classes, please call the studio.

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The Daily Script

Scenes & Character Descriptions:

Cass and Lila
Matt and Lila
Cass Matt and Lila Backstory
Gary Cindy and Josie
Gary Cindy and Josie Backstory
Lily and Marcus
Vicky Marley
Vicky Marley Backstory

2 Guys – Wedding Jitters
Bianca and Frankie
Bianca and Frankie Backstory
Cass and Christy
Cass and Christy Backstory
Dinah and Cassie
Hart and Dinah
Dinah Hart Backstory
Jake and Amanda
Jake and Amanda Backstory
Jenna and Jeffrey
Jenna Jeffrey Backstory
Kate and Larry
Kate and Larry Backstory
Kate and Mary
Kate and Mary Backstory
Kevin and Vicky
Kevin and Vicky Backstory
Nick and Remy
Tracy and Greg
Tracy and Greg Backstory

Three Detectives
Are You Firing Me
Clothes Over Bros
Date Dress
Detective Rape Victim
Don’t Object
Gimme the Key
Glass Half Empty
IQ of 185
I Want In
Miguel Made Pass
Mincemeat Pie
Moving In Misunderstood
Press Conference
Proposal in the Park
Randomly Cruel
Schmidt Happens
The Box
The Doctor is In
Whose Business Anyway
Why Are You Seeing Her
Will You Marry Me

Cops and Tourists
On Suspension
Someone to Watch Over Me
Tangled Up in Blue

Second Blood Diamond Scene
One Tree Hill
My Name Is Bobbi
Lisa and Diane
Blast from the Past
Dom Getting Married
Friends with Benefits
The Cupcake Kid
The L Word-Marisa
We Had Lunch
Wrong Number

Acting Class Script Library

4000 Miles
A Bill of Divorcement

A Doll’s House
A Guy Thing
Advice to the Players
All in the Timing
All Summer Long, Act I, Scene III
All Summer Long, Act II, Scene III
Ancient History
Animal Kingdom
Another Antigone
Another Language
Barefoot in the Park I
Barefoot in the Park II
Bedtime Story
Beyond the Horizon
Butterflies are Free
Caddo Lake
Career (First Scene)
Career (Second Scene)
Coffee Scene
Dark Victory
Dark at Top of Stairs
Days and Nights of Beebee
Deep are the Roots
Dinner at Eight
Everything Else
Fanny’s First Play
Fat Pig
Get on the Bus
Girls of Summer
Good Will Hunting
Great Nebula of Orion
Heidi Chronicles
House We Live In
House of Yes
How He Lied (Shaw)
How He Lied
I Am a Camera
The Importance of Being Earnet
June Night
Key Exchange
Legend of Sarah
Little Bird
London Wall
Loose Ends
Lost and Delirious
Lou Gehrig
Love and Other Strangers
Middle of the Night
Mr. Roberts
My Children! My Africa!
Noonday Demons
On Whitman Avenue
Open Admissions
P.S. YOUR CAT IS DEAD! (Revision)
Pavillion (with cuts)
Proof II
Rabbit Trap
Rabbit Trap, Scene 2
Really Really Laundromat
Reasons to be Pretty
Rules of Love
Running on Empty
SnakebitReasons to be Pretty
Say Goodnight Gracie
Seascape With Sharks & Dancer
Second Threshold
Shape of Things
Shining Hour
Sight Unseen
Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window
Spike Heels
Split Second
Sports Night
Stage Door I
Stage Door II
Strange Snow
Tea & Sympathy
Tea & Sympathy 2
The Crackwalker
The First Mrs. Fraser
The Girl on the Via Flaminia
The Hustler
The Joyous Season
The Normal Heart
The Silver Cord (Act I)
The Silver Cord, Act II, Scene III
The Silver Cord (II)
The Sunken Living Room
The Interrogation
The Lark
The Royal Family
The Trip Back Down
The Graduate
This is Our Youth
Thunder on Sycamore Street
To Forgive, Devine
To Forgive, Devine (Revised)
Tomorrow the World
Top Girls
Two for the See-saw
Village Wooing
Voices From the High School
Waiting for Lefty
Wedding Breakfast
Wednesday’s Child
When a Man Loves a Woman
Woozey Woo
Working Monologue
Young and Fair I
Young and Fair II
Young and Fair (Edited)